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Original micro mruby board

As you know, Arduino Uno has only 2KB RAM and 32KB ROM. It is fine for simple project written by C or C++. However it ...



This article comes from 2nd M5Stack user meeting.

My intention

I think M5Stack is an awesome product becaus



(Japanese version is here)

Recently I’m studying mruby byte-code to understand mruby/c.
In mruby/c, i ...

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I confirmed basic functionalities of mruby/c library for Wio LTE Arduino.
After implementing a glue code for a RT ...


Signatures of RubyKaigi attendees


I’ve attended RubyKaigi2018 in Sendai.
I was really motivated in this conference, I appreciate all ...

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Wio LTE and GPS module

Japanese version is here.

I have done a LT in 60th anniversary kawasaki.rb.

I’d like to keep my ...


No Image

I have faced a following error about a Mastodon service on docker when I modified the iptables configuration.

$ cd ...


Ruby Logo

(Japanese version)

What is the trigger of switching Ruby threads?

Last night, I attended kawasaki.rb. An a ...


Login page of Mastodon

To learn things about web and prepare local space to my friends, I have installed a Mastodon to my server.
I refe ...

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This was a first step to Raspberry Pi project done in last year.


This an music server on Raspeb ...