A first step to Raspberry Pi project

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This was a first step to Raspberry Pi project done in last year.



This an music server on Raspeberry pi with Grovepi and Arduino.
The server plays music by mpc and can be controlled by either a joystick, a button or gesture. Audio volume can be changed by a slide bar.
Power supply is managed by Arduino with a button safely. We don’t need to take care of timing of turning on/off Raspi.



Arduino controls power supply of Raspberry pi.
arduino/control_power.ino shall be loaded into Arduino.

Raspberry pi

  1. Communication with Arduino
    “shutdown_check/shutdown_check.py” shall be run from /etc/rc.local by super user.

  2. Install mpd/mpc

  3. Set a playlist as you want

  4. Music server application
    “audioserver/run.sh” shall be from cron by pi user.

  5. Connect either a speaker or a DAC.
    I connected a USB DAC.


  • Power of the system is supplied by 5V DC. Maximum current should not be less than 2.5A since it will be applied for RasPi3, Arduino and peripherals.


Following is schematic of the server.

Today power supply function doesn’t work properly. I’m making an alternative server.